Package cds.util

Interface Summary
Observer Title: Observer Description: abstract interface to implements observer design pattern Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003 Company: Astronomical Observatory, Strasbourg, France
TreeHashMapIterator Interface defining the behavior of iterators specialized to browse TreeHashMap objects.

Class Summary
ArrayLists Utility class containing static methods associated with ArrayLists
ArrayListStack Stack class faster than the JAVA Stack class based on ArrayList (wich are faster than Vectors
Bytes Utility methods for bytes array manipulation
CFormat Provides methods for formatted printing a-la C printf.
Chrono Class allowing time measurements in a programme.
Controler Title: General Controler class Description: Used to create a controler for the model-view-controler structure Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003 Company: Astronomical Observatory, Strasbourg, France
Conv Class containing static methods for some particular conversions Some comments:
The methods converting strings to intorlong are faster that the regular Java classes (Integer.parseInt() or Long.parseLong())
Debug Debugging routines and tools
DebugFormat Logger format definition for debugging purpose
DebugLog Debugger log
DMY Class managing a simple date structure day - month - year
DoublePrec Titre : Description : Classe qui gere un double et sa precision Copyright : Copyright (c) 2002 Société :
DoublyLinkedList A doubly linked list.
DoublyLinkedListNode A node for a doubly linked list.
ErrorMsg Titre : Description : Gestion des messages d'erreur Copyright : Copyright (c) 2002 Société :
ExampleFileFilter A convenience implementation of FileFilter that filters out all files except for those type extensions that it knows about.
ExeLog Titre : Description : Copyright : Copyright (c) 2002 Société :
ExtensionFilter This class builds a list with all the files having their extension in a given list from a directory tree.
FieldFormat Specifies a single, complete, percent-style format.
FileComparTest Local class used as Comparator for file names
FloatingPoint A representation of a single floating point number.
FloatPrec Float number with precision
InfoDate InfoDate is a class providing all needed information related with dates and time.
Integers Static methods dealing with int variables
Longs Static methods dealing with int variables
Macro Manages macro substitution in a string.
Memcounter Memcounter: utility class to measure memory usage This class can help in improving the memory management and garbage collection of an application, by displaying the status of the heap, memory consumption between two points (start()..stop()).
memstat Titre : Description :
Messages Class managing all the texts, messages, button names, etc. which can be written in french or english.
Nodata Defines constants for managing absence of data
PairInteger Manages a pair of integers.
ParameterName Just an indirection to names of the different parameter sets
Parameters Parameter objects.
ParamList Options: simple class for analysing command line options This class recognizes the following model:
-xyZ012 param1 -lv param2=val2 -X param3 param4=val4 ...
ParsedFormat The parsed version of a format string.
ReadFile Class for reading ascii lines in a file
SecureCDS This class deals with securing CDS data exchange between server and clients in contexts where user authentication/authorisation is mandatory.
SortedHashMap HashMap allowing to display the entries in a particular order.
SortedHashtable Hastable allowing to display the entries in a particular order.
Soundex Encodes words using the soundex phonetic algorithm.
StringArrayBuffer Manages a two dimensionnal array of characters, allowing to place strings at given x,y xoordinates
Strings Utility methods for String algorithm
TextBuffer Utility class managing a text, made of lines, in a buffer.
TreeHashMap TreeHashMap: a special HashMap managing hierarchical entries.
VarArgs This class allows to manage variable length argument lists for methods.
WriteFile Class for writing a simple ASCII file, line by line

Exception Summary
CFormatArgException Runtime exception thrown when arguments don't match the format specifications.
CFormatSyntaxException Runtime exception thrown when there is a syntax error in the format specifications.
ExistenceException Exception delaing with items which exist when they should not, or reversely are missing when they should exist