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Packages that use PairInteger

Uses of PairInteger in cds.simbad.ident

Fields in cds.simbad.ident declared as PairInteger
(package private)  PairInteger Instruction.valuelim

Methods in cds.simbad.ident with parameters of type PairInteger
protected  int Instruction.getInteger(java.lang.String params, PairInteger datalim)
          Gets an integer in a parameter string
protected  long Instruction.getLong(java.lang.String params, PairInteger datalim)
protected  void Instruction.setBinary(java.lang.String params, PairInteger datalim)
protected  void Instruction.setJustification(java.lang.String params, PairInteger datalim)
 int Instruction.getNextParam(java.lang.String line, int offset, PairInteger pi)
          In an instruction parameter list, returns the next parameter

Uses of PairInteger in cds.util

Methods in cds.util that return PairInteger
static PairInteger Strings.delimit(java.lang.String str, int idx)
          Returns a pair of positions in a string which delimit a quoted string.

Methods in cds.util with parameters of type PairInteger
 void PairInteger.setValues(PairInteger p)
          Sets the values to a pairInteger object
static java.lang.String Strings.reduce(java.lang.String str, PairInteger pi)
          Reduces a String by management of quotes, substitution of \x chars, ...

Constructors in cds.util with parameters of type PairInteger
PairInteger(PairInteger p)
          Copy constructor.