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Uses of Instruction in cds.simbad.ident

Subclasses of Instruction in cds.simbad.ident
 class CatE
          Instruction defining a replacement name for the identifier catalogue name
 class ChE
          String instruction CH
 class ConstE
          Constellation name instruction class - CONST
 class DecimalE
          Decimal number instruction.
 class DeE
          Declination instruction class - DE
 class IndE
          Flags instruction class - IND
 class IntE
          Signed integer instruction - INT
 class LetE
          Letter instruction.
 class LgqE
 class MajE
          Lowercase letter instruction class
 class MinE
          Lowercase letter instruction class
 class PgmE
 class RaE
          Right ascension instruction - RA
 class RomE
          Roman numeral instruction class
 class SpaceE
          Element SPACE (Rajout d'espace)
 class TabE
          Table instruction class - TAB
 class TextE
          Element TEXT
 class UintE
          Element UINT
 class VarE
          Instruction defining a variable letter (R,S,..RR,RS,...)
 class ZoneE
          Element ZONE (Zone de declinaison)

Methods in cds.simbad.ident that return Instruction
private  Instruction Pgm.createInstruction(java.lang.String instrName, java.lang.String params)
          Cretae an instruction object, according to the parameters.
 Instruction Pgm.getInstructionAt(int i)
          Returns the n-th instruction in the programme
 Instruction[] Pgm.getInstructions()
          Returns an array with all the instructions objects in the programme

Uses of Instruction in cds.test

Fields in cds.test declared as Instruction
(package private)  Instruction[] idPgmDataModel.instr
private  Instruction[][] PgmModel.instr