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Packages that use Identifier
cds.simbad Contains all classes dealing with the SIMBAD database and its data.  

Uses of Identifier in cds.simbad

Methods in cds.simbad that return Identifier
 Identifier IdList.get(int index)
          Acces aux objets Identifier (index commence a 0)

Methods in cds.simbad with parameters of type Identifier
 Astrobject Astrobject.add(Identifier id)
          Adds an identifier to the object
 void IdList.add(Identifier ident)
          Ajout d'un objet Identifier
 void IdList.add(int index, Identifier ident)
          Insertion d'un objet Identifier a une position donnee
 void IdList.set(int index, Identifier ident)
          Modification d'un objet Identifier
 void IdList.remove(Identifier ident)
          Suppression d'un objet Identifier