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Packages that use CooFrame
cds.simbad Contains all classes dealing with the SIMBAD database and its data.  

Uses of CooFrame in cds.simbad

Fields in cds.simbad declared as CooFrame
private  CooFrame Astrobject.cooframe

Methods in cds.simbad that return CooFrame
 CooFrame CooFrame.setFrame(java.lang.String frame)
          Sets the frame
 CooFrame CooFrame.setEquinox(java.lang.String equi)
          Sets the equinox
 CooFrame CooFrame.setEpoch(java.lang.String epoch)
          Sets the epoch

Methods in cds.simbad with parameters of type CooFrame
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(CooFrame cofr)
          Sets the Coordinates Frame object
 void CooFrame.set(CooFrame cf)
          Sets the ooFrame object from another one

Constructors in cds.simbad with parameters of type CooFrame
CooFrame(CooFrame cf)
          Copy constructor.