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Packages that use Astrobject
cds.simbad Contains all classes dealing with the SIMBAD database and its data.  

Uses of Astrobject in cds.simbad

Fields in cds.simbad declared as Astrobject
(package private)  Astrobject HierarchicLink.objFather
(package private)  Astrobject HierarchicLink.objSon

Methods in cds.simbad that return Astrobject
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(Oid oid)
          Sets Oid object in an astronomical object
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(Oid3 oid)
          Sets a Simbad3 oid object in an astronomical object.
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(CooFrame cofr)
          Sets the Coordinates Frame object
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(Otype objtype)
          Sets Object type
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(Coordinates coo)
          Sets coordinates in an astronomical object
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(ProperMotion pm)
          Sets proper motions object in an astronomical object
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(RadialVelocity rv)
          Sets radial velocity/redshift object in an astronomical object
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(Parallax plx)
          Sets parallax object in an astronomical object
 Astrobject Astrobject.add(Magnitude mag)
          Adds a magnitude to the list
 Astrobject Astrobject.add(MagnitudePecul magpec)
          Adds magnitude peculiarities to this object
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(SpectralType sp)
          Sets the spectral type
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(MorphologicalType mt)
          Sets the morphological type
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(GalaxyDimension gdim)
          Sets the galaxy dimension
 Astrobject Astrobject.add(Identifier id)
          Adds an identifier to the object
 Astrobject Astrobject.add(Bibcode bib)
          Adds a bibcode to the object
 Astrobject Astrobject.set(java.lang.String datatype, java.lang.Object data)
          Puts a data value in an astronomical object.

Methods in cds.simbad with parameters of type Astrobject
 void AstrobjectList.add(Astrobject astrobject)
          Ajout d'un objet astronomique
 void AstrobjectList.add(int index, Astrobject astrobject)
          Insertion d'un objet astronomique a une position donnee
 void AstrobjectList.set(int index, Astrobject astrobject)
          Modification d'un objet astronomique
 void AstrobjectList.remove(Astrobject astrobject)
          Suppression d'un objet astronomique

Constructors in cds.simbad with parameters of type Astrobject
HierarchicLink(Astrobject objFather, Astrobject objSon, java.lang.String bibcode, java.lang.String text)
          Constructeur avec parametre