Class SimbadParameters

  extended bycds.simbad.SimbadParameters

public class SimbadParameters
extends java.lang.Object

An object of this class manages a Simbad like database. It can be Simbad itself or any work instance of Simbad. This class is still under design phase. Its functionalities are not yet stable...

One of the role of this class is to load the Parameters files defining all the parameters used by Simbad. A main file contains some main parameters and also the commands to include other Parameters files in this main Parameters object, or add new Parameters object through parameters = ... commands in the [system] section.

By provifing different main definitions, it is possible to manage several Simbad like databases (at least test databases ...).

1.0 May 2002
Marc Wenger/CDS

Field Summary
private  Parameters pdata
private  Parameters pmes
private  java.lang.String pname
private  Parameters psim
Constructor Summary
SimbadParameters(java.lang.String name)
          Create the SimbadParameters object.
Method Summary
 Parameters getMainParameters()
          Returns the main database Parameters object
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Field Detail


private java.lang.String pname


private Parameters psim


private Parameters pdata


private Parameters pmes
Constructor Detail


public SimbadParameters(java.lang.String name)
Create the SimbadParameters object. Its name must be the name of a main Parameters file which loads all other needed Parameters files. This object also initialize different other objects:
needed for any application.

name - main database parameters file path
Method Detail


public Parameters getMainParameters()
Returns the main database Parameters object

the Parameters object containing all others.