Package cds.gui

Class Summary
CCalendarPanel JCalendar is a bean for entering a date by choosing the year, month and day.
CCalendarWindow Independant window showing a calendar chooser
CColumnLayout Column Layout.
CComboBox JComboBox subclass.
CDayChooser JCalendar is a bean for choosing a day.
CFontDefinitionPanel Generic panel for defining fonts.
CIcon Class defining the icon to add to the tabs.
CListTransfert Title: Description: Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003 Company:
CMonthChooser JMonthChooser is a bean for choosing a month.
CMotionEvent Motion Event used when something is moved.
CSVPartTableModel Table model loading a part of a CSV file
CSVTableModel JTable table model based on a CSV (Character Separated Value) file
CTabbedPane CTabbedPane class
CYearChooser JYearChooser is a bean for choosing a year.
GuiUtils Class containing static utility functions usefull in developping Graphical User Interfaces
NavigPane Title: Description: Panel permettant la navigation a travers des boutons "next" et "previous" Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003 Company:
Tab Class defining the information associated with a particular tab in the CTabbedPane
TabList class defining the list of tabs in a TabbedPane.