Uses of Class

Packages that use CTabbedPane

Uses of CTabbedPane in appli.sqlplayer.util

Fields in appli.sqlplayer.util declared as CTabbedPane
private  CTabbedPane Mediator.tabbedPane

Methods in appli.sqlplayer.util that return CTabbedPane
 CTabbedPane Mediator.getTabbedPane()
          Get TabbedPane

Methods in appli.sqlplayer.util with parameters of type CTabbedPane
 void Mediator.registerTabbedPane(CTabbedPane tabbedPane)
          Register the main tabbed pane

Uses of CTabbedPane in cds.gui

Fields in cds.gui declared as CTabbedPane
private  CTabbedPane TabList.tabbedPane
protected  CTabbedPane Tab.tabbedPane

Constructors in cds.gui with parameters of type CTabbedPane
TabList(CTabbedPane tp)
Tab(CTabbedPane tp, java.awt.Component p, java.lang.String name, CIcon ic, java.lang.String tip, int pos)
          Constructor. creates a tab object, when a new tab is created in the TabbedPane

Uses of CTabbedPane in cds.test

Fields in cds.test declared as CTabbedPane
(package private) static CTabbedPane
(package private) static CTabbedPane test_ctabbedpane.tp2