Class Supergal

  extended by cds.astro.Astroframe
      extended by cds.astro.Supergal
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public class Supergal
extends Astroframe

The Supergalactic frame is defined such (0,0) represents the direction toward the center of the Local Group of galaxies. The Supergalactic frame is defined by reference to the Galactic System.

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Field Summary
static java.lang.String class_name
          Name of this frame
static double[][] supergal
          Rotation matrix to move from Galactic to Supergalactic.
Fields inherited from class cds.astro.Astroframe
base_epoch, ed_lat, ed_lon, epoch, hms, IAUframes, ICRSmatrix, name, precision
Constructor Summary
          Instanciate an Supergal frame.
Method Summary
 double[][] toICRSmatrix()
          Defines the rotation matrix to rotate to ICRS
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Field Detail


public static java.lang.String class_name
Name of this frame


public static final double[][] supergal
Rotation matrix to move from Galactic to Supergalactic.

Constructor Detail


public Supergal()
Instanciate an Supergal frame. Default epoch is B1950.

Method Detail


public double[][] toICRSmatrix()
Defines the rotation matrix to rotate to ICRS

Specified by:
toICRSmatrix in class Astroframe
the 3x3 rotation matrix to convert a position in ICRS frame = (supergal * gal_2000)t