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interface CheckPosition

The Qbox is a method for splitting the sky into a hierarchical
environment CDS , Simbad, VizieR ======

1.0 16-sep-2002, 1.01 Oct 2003 (MW) add a copy constructor, 1.02 jan 2004 (BB) ajout de la methode equals dans QBox. ------------- The routines provided in this module all deal with "qboxes". The qboxes are a way to split the celestial sphere in zones of approximately same surfaces and extension.

The dichotomic procedure uses the projections (X,Y) of the directions on the 6 faces of a cube numbered 1 (z=1), 2 (y=1), 3 (x=1), 4 (x=-1), 5 (y=-1) and 6 (z=-1).

Each cube face is then divided into 4 areas; each area is further divided into four pieces, etc. The number of valid qboxes is

   Level    Lower #      qboxes   qbox_size
      0           9           6     83
      1          36          24     41
      2         144          96     20
      3         576         384     10
      4        2304        1536      5
      5        9216        6144      230'
      6       36864       24576      115'
      7      147456       98304        40'
      8      589824      393216        20'
      9     2359296     1572864        10'
     10     9437184     6291456         5'
     11    37748736    25165824         2'30"
     12   150994944   100663296         1'15"
where level is a number which can be changed at any time using setLevel(level) method.

The present implementation assumes that level<=12, corresponding to a maximum of 28 bits in the qbox number.

For a level 6, the qbox number is a short integer with bits (from left to right) 1ppp xyxy xyxy xyxy. The leftmost `1' bit allows the recognition of the level; bits p represent the face number (1 to 6), x and y the position, expressed with level bits, along the axises defined above for the face; going one level down in the hierarchy is therefore just a shift of 2 bits and updating the 2 rightmost bits.

The selection of valid qboxes makes usage of an Enumeration which returns the valid qboxes via its nextElement method.

Francois Ochsenbein, Benoit Baranne (Stagiaire UTBM)

Field Summary
static boolean DEBUG
static int QBOX_ANY
static int QBOX_NONE
static int QBOX_SOME
Method Summary
 int checkTarget(int qbox)
          Checking the condition -- returns QBOX_NONE QBOX_ANY QBOX_SOME

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public static final int QBOX_NONE
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public static final int QBOX_ANY
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public static final int QBOX_SOME
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public static final boolean DEBUG
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Method Detail


public int checkTarget(int qbox)
Checking the condition -- returns QBOX_NONE QBOX_ANY QBOX_SOME