Package appli.sqlplayer.util

Class Summary
AppProperties Reads a configuration file
Database This class holds one parameter set for a database connection
DisplayState Title: Description: Classe gerant un etat d'affichage a l'aide d'indice de debut et de fin.
Mediator Title: Description: Mediateur suivant le "mediator pattern" pour gerer la communication entre les composants d'une interface Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003 Company:
Sqlcmd Defines an SQL command.
SqlcmdParam Defines a sql command parameter
SqlCommands Contains the list of available sql commands
SQLQuery Manages the SQL queries
Table2tsv This conversion class receives the data from a database table row by row and column by column and writes a file to a temporary directory.
TextAreaOutputStream Title: Description: Classe permettant l'ecriture dans une zone de texte Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003 Company: