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Packages that use ASFormatter

Uses of ASFormatter in appli.diff

Methods in appli.diff that return ASFormatter
private static ASFormatter jdiff.createBeautifier()
          Initialize options for the beautifier

Methods in appli.diff with parameters of type ASFormatter
private static void AStyle.manuallySetJavaStyle(ASFormatter formatter)
private static void AStyle.manuallySetCStyle(ASFormatter formatter)
static boolean AStyle.parseOptions(ASFormatter formatter, java.util.Vector optVector, java.lang.String errorInfo)
private static boolean AStyle.parseOption(ASFormatter formatter, java.lang.String arg, java.lang.String errorInfo)
private static void jdiff.beautify(ASFormatter form, file)
          Beautify a file.
private static TextBuffer jdiff.beautify(ASFormatter form, TextBuffer txt, java.util.ArrayList lines)