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    [/AIJ AMIN]

    Find the lines within a frequency range and create  a  line  index.  The
    command  looks  for  the lines between FMIN and FMAX in the database se-
    lected with the USE IN command. If not specified, the values of FMIN and
    FMAX are taken from the current spectra.

        SPECIES   the name of the species. Default is "All".

        FMIN      the minimum frequency in MHz.

        FMAX      the maximum frequency in MHz

        /SORTBY   sort the lines according to ORDER, which can be any combi-
                  nation of "frequency", "energy" and "aeinstein",  and  all
                  the subsequent permutations.

        /ENERGY   refine  the  search to lines with upper level energy lower
                  than ENERGY, expressed in Kelvins.

        /AIJ      refine the search to lines  with  einstein  A  coefficient
                  greater than AMIN, expressed s-1.

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