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        [SIC\]DEFINE Type Var1 [Var2 [...]] /LIKE VarLike
        [SIC\]DEFINE IMAGE Var1 File1 Key1 [...]] /LIKE VarLike
        [SIC\]DEFINE STRUCTURE Struct1 [Struct2 [...]] /LIKE StructLike

    The /LIKE option allows definition of Type REAL, LOGICAL, DOUBLE or  IN-
    TEGER  arrays  with dimensions identical to those of the (existing) Var-
    Like array. IMAGEs and TABLEs can also be defined in this way.  The  di-
    mension  field  must  not be specified in such a case. /LIKE can also be
    used in structures context: the new structure will be filled with a tree
    identical to the StructLike one.

    The  /LIKE  option is incompatible with DEFINE FUNCTION, DEFINE COMMAND,
    as well as DEFINE HEADER and DEFINE FITS.

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