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        [SIC\]DEFINE COMMAND NAME "Equivalent command" [Help_File]

    Define a new user-defined SIC command.

    By  default,  the  new command will be part of the USER\ language. USER\
    language is implicitely created if required without invoking DEFINE LAN-
    GUAGE.  If  the command is prefixed by another user language, it will be
    part of it. Attempting to add a command of a program language is an  er-

    Help_File  is an optional argument indicating the name of the associated
    help text to be used by the command HELP. The standard  rules  for  help
    syntax  applies  (see SIC documentation for details). If no help file is
    provided, the one of the parent language will be used.

    User defined commands are translated into their  equivalent  command  at
    execution  time.  They  appear in the list of command displayed by HELP,
    and can be abbreviated as normal "program-defined" commands. For example
        DEFINE COMMAND INPUT "@ input.greg" pr:input_greg.hlp
    define  a  new  command  USER\INPUT,  which  will  execute procedure in-

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