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        [SIC\]DEFINE ALIAS AliasName TargetVar [/GLOBAL]

    Define a new variable AliasName pointing towards (a subset of) an exist-
    ing variable. The new alias shares all the  properties  of  its  target:
    type, Local or Global status, Readonly attribute. The TargetVar can be a
    sub-array, but implicit transposition is not allowed.

    If the /GLOBAL option is present, the TargetVar must be a  Global  vari-

    Aliases can be deleted using the standard DELETE /VAR command: this does
    not delete the TargetVar variable. On  the  contrary,  when  a  standard
    variable  is deleted, all aliases attached to it are also deleted, since
    the variable content disappears.

    Structures cannot have aliases, but structure members can.

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