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                         SIC\ Command Language Summary

    ACCEPT        : Read variable in various format.
    BEGIN         : Begin a sub-procedure, help file or data file.
    BREAK         : Exit without error from a FOR-NEXT loop.
    COMPUTE       : Execute non-arithmetic operations on variables.
    CONTINUE      : Resume macro or loop execution after PAUSE.
    DEFINE Type V : Define new variables.
    DELETE        : Delete variables or symbols.
    EDIT [File]   : Edit a file or a dump of the Stack.
    ELSE [IF Log] : Alternate IF block directive.
    END           : End IF block structure or a sub-procedure.
    EXAMINE Var   : Type the current value of the specified variable.
    EXIT          : Exit from the program.
    FOR [/WHILE]  : Open a FOR-NEXT loop.
    HELP XX[\]    : Give an explanation of command XX or language XX\.
    IF Logical    : Start a conditional IF block.
    IMPORT Package: Dynamically import another package in current one.
    LET [/WHERE]  : Assign value to variable.
    MESSAGE       : Send a message to screen and/or message file.
    MFIT A=F(B,p) : Fit a formula into SIC variables.
    NEXT          : End FOR loop definition and activates the execution.
    ON ERROR COMM : Change the current error recovery action.
    PAUSE         : Set a break point in a Loop or a Macro.
    PYTHON        : Start/End intercommunication between SIC and PYTHON.
    QUIT          : Abort an execution interrupted by PAUSE.
    RECALL [Text] : Recall line from stack, and edit it if possible.
    RETURN        : Terminate procedure execution.
    SAY "text"    : Type a text or variable or expression value.
    SIC Arg ON    : Change some SIC internal status.
    SORT Key Vars : Sort variables according to another one.
    SYMBOL        : Define, list and delete symbols.
    SYSTEM        : Create or attach sub-processes, run system commands.
    TYPE [XX]     : List file XX or the stack.
    @ XX [P1 ...] : Read commands from macro XX and executes them.

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