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Logical Names

All programs based on SIC read in files specifying Logical names which are used when SICmust refer to external files (such as procedure or images). Logical names are similar in syntax and functions to VMS logical names. Two files define general logical names required for SIC based programs to work properly (where to find help files for example) and site-specific features (such as printer name, scratch space, etc...).

On UNIX and Mac-OS systems, users can specify there own logical names in the file

On MS-Windows systems, ``personal'' logical names should be set in the file
where $GILDAS is the top directory of the Gildas software as defined at installation (normally $\backslash$Program_file$\backslash$Iram$\backslash$Gildas see in the autoexec.bat file on Windows-95).

On VMS systems, standard VMS logical names are used.

Logical names can also be added or modified at run time using the SIC LOGICAL command.

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