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File Operations

Operations on the file system can be done directly within SIC.

controls the working directory. Without argument, the current working directory is listed. With one argument, the working directory is changed. Standard Unix syntax applies to change the working directory.
SIC> SIC$\backslash$SIC COPY FileIn FileOut
Copies file FileIn to FileOut. Standard SIC file naming convention applies.
SIC> SIC$\backslash$SIC DELETE File
Deletes file named File. Caution: no confirmation is required.
SIC> SIC$\backslash$SIC RENAME FileOld FileNew
Renames file FileOld to FileNew. Standard SIC file naming convention applies. Both files should reside on the same disk. To move files across different disks, use SIC COPY and SIC DELETE.

The file operations through the SIC command should be used preferentially to operations through the SYSTEM command for portability, specially in command procedures.

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