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        TASK\REAL "Prompt text" Name[Ndim] = [Value .. Value_Ndim] [/RANGE]
      [/SEXAGESIMAL] [/CHOICE Value1 ... ValueN [*]]

    Define  the  parameter  Name of Real (Real*8 in fact) type and dimension
    Ndim, and assign it a value if specified.  Otherwise,  prompt  with  the
    text for value(s).

    The  /RANGE  option  restrict the valid range for the values. In Windows
    mode, it activates a slider.

    If option /SEXAGESIMAL is present, a sexagesimal string can be provided:
    it will be converted to a floating point value.

    A  list of predefined values can be provided with the option /CHOICE. If
    a wildcard (*) is present in the list, a custom value can also be set by
    the user.

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