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        [VECTOR\]TRANSPOSE Input Output Order

    This command takes an input n-D SIC variable or GILDAS data cube to pro-
    duce  an  output  transposed  SIC  variable or n-D cube according to the
    transposition order specified by Order (21, 312, 213, etc...). For exam-
    will  transpose  Gildas  data  file.  For files, the transposition takes
    place in RAM memory if the sic logical SPACE_GILDAS (in megabytes  unit)
    is big enough, else it takes place on disk.

        DEFINE REAL A[10,2] B[2,10] VECTOR\TRANSPOSE A B 21
    will  transpose  the A SIC variable to the B SIC variable. SIC variables
    must be of the same type.

    MISSING FEATURE: If A and B are IMAGE variables, the header is not  ade-
    quately transposed.

Gildas manager 2014-07-01