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        [VECTOR\]RUN  Task_Name  [Parameter_File] [/EDIT] [/NOWINDOW] [/WIN-

    Execute a GILDAS task as a detached process. If no directory  is  speci-
    fied in the task name, the Task is assumed to be in the GILDAS_LOCAL: or
    GILDAS_RUN: area. The input parameters are read from  the  file  Parame-
    ter_File,  which  is  a  SIC procedure with commands from the TASK\ lan-
    guage. A * can be used instead to  specify  a  parameter  file  of  name
    Task_name.INIT in the current directory.

    The parameter file can be prepared in "Window-mode", or using a text ed-
        In Window-mode, activated implicitely in the RUN_WINDOW variable  is
    YES  (default on X-Window systems), or explicitely if the /WINDOW option
    is specified, a panel appears to enter all parameters. Help if available
    by clicking on the prompt string for each parameter, or on the HELP but-
    ton.  Once all parameters have been adequately specified, the  task  can
    be activated by clicking OK, or aborted by clicking ABORT.
        The text-editor mode is activated using the /EDIT option. The param-
    eter file of default name Task_name.INIT is  edited  before  submission,
    taking a template in GILDAS_RUN: area if no version of this file already
    exist. If this template file does not exists, it may be  that  the  Task
    you want to run does not exist either, or is not yet debugged at all.

    Once  the  parameter file has been prepared in Edit-mode or Window-mode,
    the RUN command will prompt you for all missing parameters in the  .INIT
    command  file. Help on the parameter can then be obtained answering ? to
    the prompt.

    The RUN command checks that the Task exists, and only GILDAS  Tasks  can
    be submitted in this way. A second SIC procedure is executed before task
    submission to check the validity of input parameters. If  any  parameter
    is invalid, an error is returned and the Task not submitted.

    The  input  file  which  is created by the RUN command is located in the
    GAG_SCRATCH: directory and may be deleted  after  Task  execution.   The
    output of the Task is in the file GAG_LOG:Task_Name.GILDAS, which may be
    listed or printed later on. Task execution may be synchronous (the  main
    program waiting for task completion) or asynchronous (control returns to
    the main program immediately).  If the Task terminates before  you  exit
    from  the activating program, a termination message will be typed on the
    terminal, giving the termination status.

    Use the EXPLAIN command for help on available Tasks.

    Task may execute on a remote node rather than on the local machine.  The
    node  name  is  controlled by logical name GILDAS_NODE. If GILDAS_NODE =
    LOCAL, local execution is performed. If not,  GILDAS_NODE  must  be  the
    node  name of the computer on which execution will be performed. No syn-
    chronisation is offered for remote execution.

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