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        [VECTOR\]FITS FitsFile WhichWay GildasFile [/STYLE Style] [/XTENSION
    Number] [/BITS Nbit]

    Convert between FITS files and Gildas images. The FITS command is just a
    wrapper around the FITS_GILDAS and GILDAS_FITS tasks. See those for  de-

            [VECTOR\]FITS  OutputFile.fits FROM InputFile.gdf [/STYLE Style]
    [/BITS Nbit]

    Create a FITS file from a Gildas image. The layout of the FITS file  de-
    pends on the specified "Style", although default styles will be used de-
    pending on the Gildas image (e.g. UVFITS is used for UV Tables, STANDARD
    is used for images). The number of bits is controlled by "Nbit", and de-
    faults to -32 for images, and 16 for UV data.

            [VECTOR\]FITS InputFile.fits TO  GildasFile.gdf  [/STYLE  Style]
    [/XTENSION Number]

    Convert  the  InputFile.fits  FITS  file  into a Gildas image in Gildas-
    File.gdf, using the appropriate "Style". A specific  XTENSION  (not  yet
    implemented!) could be used instead of the main FITS header when needed.

Gildas manager 2014-07-01