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        GUI\PANEL "Title" HelpFile [/DETACH] [/LOG LogFile]
        GUI\PANEL [HelpFile] /CLOSE

    Activate  the  Graphic-User-Interface input mode for variables. A window
    with the specified title is created, but not mapped to the screen.  Suc-
    cessive LET commands will create widgets in this window to allow to mod-
    ify variables by entering values in the widgets.  Command  GUI\GO  "Com-
    mand"  will map the window to the screen. Once the proper input has been
    defined, clicking on the "GO" button will setup all  the  related  vari-
    ables  in the main program, and execute the associated command. Clicking
    on button "UPDATE" will only set  the  variables.   Clicking  on  button
    "ABORT" will return without modifying the variables.

    Help  is  available  in  the  window through the "HELP" button, but also
    clicking in any prompt area.

    See LET command for details.

    If option /DETACH is present, a menubar is created instead of  a  normal
    window.  Several  buttons  can  be  attached  to  this menubar using the
    GUI\BUTTON and GUI\MENU commands, but no variables can be  set  in  this
    mode. The menubar is mapped when command GUI\GO is typed.

    If option /CLOSE is present, the last detached menubar, or the specified
    one, is deleted.

    /LOG option stores variable definitions in specified log file.

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