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        GUI\BUTTON "Command" Button ["Title" HelpFile [OptionTitle]]
                        (Graphic-User-Interface mode only)

    Creates a button widget to execute the specified "Command".

    If  no  "Title"  is given, the button will have no associated variables,
    and will appear with other similar buttons at the top of the window.

    If a "Title" argument is present, a  "secondary  parameters"  window  is
    created.  In the main window, the "title" appears followed by 3 buttons:
    one with the button name, one pointing to the secondary parameters  win-
    dow,  and  a "HELP" button. All subsequent LET commands will create wid-
    gets in this secondary window, until a new GUI\BUTTON command is  typed.
    "HelpFile" specifies a text file where the help for the variables can be
    found, and "OptionTitle" is a title for the secondary window (and  asso-
    ciated button).

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