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        [SIC\]@ Macro_Name [Par1 [Par2 [...]]]

    Read  commands  from  macro (or procedure) Macro_Name and executes them.
    Up to 8 parameters can be given. These parameters will be substituted to
    the  tokens 1, 2, ..., 8 found in the body of the procedure, even within
    character strings (e.g. Par1 for token 1).

    Default file extension is program dependent (usually the  program  name,
    or .pro), and can be changed using command SIC EXTENSION. Procedures are
    searched for according to the following rules:
      - first in the directory designated by the logical name GAG_PROC:
      - then, in order, in all the directories in the path specified by  the
        logical name MACRO#DIR: (see command SIC MACRO).
    One  can use the command SIC WHICH to be sure of the macro which will be

    All commands will be echoed to the terminal when executed if the  VERIFY
    switch is ON (see command SIC VERIFY).

    Macros (as any other text files) can be edited using a standard text ed-
    itor by typing command EDIT with the macro file name  as  argument  (see
    EDIT and SIC EDIT).

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