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        [SIC\]SYMBOL [X ["Translation"]] [/INQUIRE "Prompt Text"]

    This commands defines, lists and deletes symbols.

        Lists the Symbol table

      SYMBOL X
        Gives the translation of the symbol X

      SYMBOL X "Translation"
        Defines a new symbol or update the precedent symbol definition.

      SYMBOL X /INQUIRE "Prompt Text"
        Inquires  the  definition of a symbol with the specified prompt (for
    interactive session only).

    A symbol is an abbreviation of any character string. The symbol transla-
    tions  are substituted to the corresponding symbols when found in a com-
    mand line. In a command line, symbol  TOTO  must  appear  inside  simple
    quotes  (like  'TOTO')  to  be translated, except for the line beginning
    where SIC assumes the first word might be a symbol. A symbol  definition
    may refer to another already defined symbol. The substitution occurs ev-
    erywhere, even within the character strings.

    Symbols in FOR-NEXT loops are substituted at compilation time (i.e. when
    the  command  line is written but not yet executed), using their current
    value. In a loop, redefining a symbol which is already  defined  out  of
    the  loop  has no effect since its occurences are substituted before the
    execution of all the commands.

    Symbols can be deleted when they are no longer  usefull,  using  command

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