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        [SIC\]SIC SAVE [FileName Symbol]

    This is a specific command (currently) used by  the  ALMA  simulator  to
    copy into an output file (a procedure) the name of any newly defined SIC
    variable, prefixed by whatever Symbol is given here.

    Without argument, just closes the current "save" file.

    Can be used whenever you need to apply different actions to the same set
    of  variables, or get two sets of variables with similar names (one pre-
    fixed, the other not) e.g. to store default values or last  values.  Re-
    defining  the Symbol and executing the created procedure will do the de-
    sired job on the list of variables defined when SIC SAVE was active...

       sic save define_all TOTO
       define a Bunch Of Variables Here /global ! Only global stuff, though...
       sic save
       symbol TOTO "EXA &1 "   ! Examine the Variable name
       @ gag_proc:define_all   ! for all variables in this list...
       sic output init_all.sic
       symbol TOTO "@ sicvar_init"   ! Look into gag_pro:clone_var.sic
       @ gag_proc:define_all         ! for further explanation
       sic output
       @ init_all.sic                ! Initialize them
       define structure CLONE% /global
       sic output clone_all.sic
       symbol TOTO "@ sicvar_clone CLONE% "   ! Will actually create a
       @ gag_proc:define_all         ! copy of all variables into structure CLON
       sic output
       symbol TOTO continue
       @ clone_all.sic                ! Duplicate them into CLONE% structure

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