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        [SIC\]SIC PRIORITY [Level1 Lang1 ... [LevelI LangN ...]]

    SIC PRIORITY  redefines  the languages precedence when an ambiguous com-
    mand (same name in several languages)  is  encountered:  the  lower  the
    precedence  level, the higher the priority. By default, they are all the
    same (level is set to 1), i.e. there is no automatic  ambiguity  resolu-

    The priority levels can be changed for one, some, or all languages. Lev-
    elI is an integer, which must be followed by one or more languages:
      > 0: the level value is used directly, the lower level the higher pri-
      = 0: the  level  value is Automatic, i.e. the priority comes after the
           languages with an explicit positive value  and  before  the  ones
           with a negative value,
      < 0: set the priority from the end of the list, e.g. -1 means that the
           language must have the lowest priority.

      Level  Priority
       +1       1
       +2       2
       +4       3
        0       4
       -2       5
       -1       6
    Note that the priority list is compressed if the values  are  discontin-

    A  call  to SIC PRIORITY without arguments prints the current levels for
    all languages.

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