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        [SIC\]SIC DELAY Seconds
        [SIC\]SIC DELAY

    Delay  the  execution  of  commands. SIC DELAY is used in two times. The
    first call is given a duration as argument. Added to  the  current  date
    and  time, this defines a virtual milestone in the future. The next call
    without argument will wait for this milestone if it has not been reached
    yet, or will return without waiting if the limit is already past. During
    the waiting time, CTRL-C can be used to exit the command.

    An application of SIC DELAY is to slow down the execution of loops which
    display  or  draw useful informations to the user. In the example below,
    we ensure that the loops are executed every second (or more), instead of
    depending on the CPU speed which varies over machines and epochs:
       FOR I 1 to 10
         SIC DELAY 1.0
         Do something
         SIC DELAY

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