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Functions and Operators

For arithmetic expressions, the known operators are

      -         Subtraction
      +         Addition
      *         Multiplication
      / or |    Division (the | sign has been added because the /
                          is the option separator)
      ** or ^   Exponentiation
Known single argument functions are
      ABS       Absolute value
      ACOS      Arc Cosine
      ASIN      Arc Sinus
      ATAN      Arc Tangent
      COS       Cosine
      COSH      Hyperbolic Cosine
      EXP       Exponential
      INT       Integer Part
      LOG       Natural logarithm
      LOG10     Decimal Logarithm
      NINT      Nearest Integer
      FLOOR     Integer floor
      CEILING   Integer ceiling
      SIN       Sinus
      SINH      Hyperbolic Sinus
      SQRT      Square Root
      TAN       Tangent
      TANH      Hyperbolic Tangent
Known two arguments functions are
      ATAN2   Arc tangent with two arguments
      MAX     Maximum of two values
      MIN     Minimum of two values
      MOD     Modulo (true modulo, even for negative numbers)
      SIGN    Sign transfer

For logical expressions, the known operators are

      .OR.      .AND.     .NOT.
      .GT.      .GE.      .LT.      .LE.
      .NE.      .EQ.
Note that there must be no blanks in the logical expressions. The known functions are
      EXIST   Returns .TRUE. if its argument is a defined variable
      FILE    Returns .TRUE. if its argument is an existing file.

Additional arithmetic functions may be declared by the calling programs. Two special functions are always declared :

      NOISE(x)     Gaussian Noise of Sigma X
      RANDOM(x)    Random Number between 0 and X
These additional functions, and their number of arguments, can be listed using command EXAMINE /FUNCTION.

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