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        [SIC\]RECALL [Arg]

    This  command retrieves command lines from the stack. The retrieved line
    is edited if possible or immediately executed if not. If no argument  is
    present,  the  last command line is retrieved. If the argument is a num-
    ber, the specified command is retrieved. If it is  a  character  string,
    the first (most recently entered) command which begins by this string is
    recalled (in this case, the string may include a full language  name  or
    no language at all).

    When  line editing is possible, commands can also be retrieved using the
    Up arrow (or ^P) to recover the previous command, and Down arrow (or ^N)
    to recover the next command.

    If  no line editing is available, you are prompted whether to execute or
    not the recalled command.

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