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        [SIC\]ON ERROR [Command]

    This  command  changes  the current error recovery action. By default, a
    PAUSE is automatically generated by any error during execution.

    This can be changed and any other valid command line Command can be  ac-
    tivated  instead of PAUSE when an error occurs, using the command ON ER-
    ROR Command. A very useful error recovery command  for  loops  is  NEXT,
    which enables skipping the remaining commands of the loop when something
    went wrong, and resumes the loop at for the following index value.

    Note that the ON ERROR command does not affect  the  behaviour  on  <^C>
    trapping,  which  always  returns  a PAUSE. The ON ERROR command is only
    valid within the procedure which declared it.

Gildas manager 2014-07-01