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        [SIC\]MESSAGE Severity ProcedureName "Message"
        [SIC\]MESSAGE Severity ProcedureName Arg1  Arg2  ...  ArgN  [/FORMAT
    Fmt1 Fmt2 ... FmtN]

    Print  a message using the same mechanism as the one used by Gildas pro-
    grams. In particular, it will be printed or not, to the terminal  and/or
    to  the  message  file, depending on the filters that currently apply to
    - The severity must be a  single  letter  from  one  of  the  following:
      F)atal,  E)rror,  W)arning,  R)esult, I)nfo, D)ebug, T)race, C)ommand,
    - The procedure name is a free character string.
    - The message must have at least one component. Multiple remaining argu-
      ments  will be printed out spaced by a single space. Enclose with dou-
      ble-quote a character string if you want to use more than one space.
    - If /FORMAT option is invoked, each argument is displayed using its as-
      sociated format. Formats are Fortran ones (so may be slightly machine-
      dependent) like a10, i2, f5.2 and so on.

    SIC> MESSAGE I FOO "Hello world!"
    I-FOO,  Hello world!

    For more information on message filters, see the HELP for  the  SIC MES-
    SAGE command.

Gildas manager 2014-07-01