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        [SIC\]LET  Numeric  [=]  [+|-]DD[:MM[:SS.SS]]  /SEXAGESIMAL  [D|H|R]
        [SIC\]LET String [=] Value /SEXAGESIMAL [D|H|R] [D|H|R]

    The /SEXAGESIMAL option allows to use sexagesimal expressions in assign-
    ments. This option is only valid for  scalar  variables.  Units  of  the
    operands  can  be  provided  by  optional characters chosen in D)egrees,
    H)ours or R)adians. The first unit is for the output, the second for the
    input.  Radians  are an invalid unit for the sexagesimal string. Degrees
    are assumed by default for both operands.

    The first form converts the sexagesimal expression into a numerical val-
    ue stored in the assigned variable. Mathematical expressions can be used
    for each elements, provided they are separated by a semicolon.

    The second form converts a numerical value into the sexagesimal notation
    stored in the assigned character variable.

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