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        [SIC\]EXAMINE [Name1] [Name2] [...]  [NameN]  [/GLOBAL]  [/FUNCTION]

    List variables or functions.

    If  the  /FUNCTION option is not present, EXAMINE without argument gives
    the list of known variables with their respective types.  Each  variable
    name  is  followed  by  its definition and the keywords "GBL" for GLOBAL
    (interpreter level 0) variables, LCL(lev) for LOCAL variables at  inter-
    pretor  level "lev" (viz., in a procedure), WR for READ/WRITE variables,
    RD for READONLY variables.

    With one or more arguments, EXAMINE will usually type the content of the
    specified variables (local variables have priority). But:
      - If the argument ends by the % character, it is assumed to indicate a
        structure or an image header, and all  associated  header  variables
        are listed.
      - Wildcarding  is  permitted: if the argument contains one or more "*"
        character, all compatible variables names are listed.
      - In any case, typing an ambiguous variable name will generate a  list
        of choices.
    With  the /FUNCTION option, lists the definition of the specified or all
    (no command argument) user-defined functions.

    With the /GLOBAL option, lists only the GLOBAL variables, as opposed  to
    LOCAL variables (i.e, in a loop or a macro)

    With  the  /HEADER option, lists only the variables having an associated
    header (i.e., the known images).

    With the /ALIAS option, lists only the Aliases and their association.

    The /ADDRESS option is used for debugging. It gives the  internal  vari-
    able descriptor.

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