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subroutine gdf_read_uvonly_codes(huv,uv,codes,ncode,error)
  use gio_interfaces, except_this=>gdf_read_uvonly_codes
  use image_def
  use gio_image
  use gbl_message
  ! @ public
  !       Read the Time-Baseline data of a GILDAS UV structure
  !       UVT and TUV order are allowed...
  type (gildas), intent(inout) :: huv               ! UV table descriptor
  integer(4), intent(in) :: ncode                   ! Number of codes
  integer(4), intent(in) :: codes(ncode)            ! Desired codes
  real(kind=4), intent(out) :: uv(ncode,huv%gil%nvisi)  ! Return Values
  logical, intent(out) :: error                     ! Flag
Subroutine gdf_read_uvonly_codes allows to read only the columns containing the requested codes. On input, UVT and TUV order are supported.

For example, if the requested codes contains


, it would return the U and V values for all visibilities (in this example, gdf_read_uvonly would return the same information, but in a transposed way).

Gildas manager 2014-07-01