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subroutine gdf_read_uvdataset(huvin,huvou,nc,duvou,error)

Subroutine gdf_read_uvdaset is a somewhat more elaborate entry point which performs the possible layout conversion.

  subroutine gdf_read_uvdataset(huvin,huvou,nc,duvou,error)
    use image_def
    use gio_image
    use gbl_message
    use gbl_format
    ! @ public
    !       Read UV data and Associated parameters from a GILDAS UV
    !       structure and place it in the specified array
    type(gildas), intent(inout) :: huvin     ! Input UV header (data file)
    type(gildas), intent(inout) :: huvou     ! Output UV header (program used)
    integer(kind=4), intent(in) :: nc(2)     ! Selected channels
    real(kind=4), intent(inout) :: duvou(huvou%gil%dim(1),huvou%gil%dim(2))  ! Data
    logical,      intent(out)   :: error     ! Flag
  end subroutine gdf_read_uvdataset
end interface

huvin must contain the data file header, while huvou can have a different layout. Layout can differ in several ways: different column_pointer and / or column_size arrays, transposition order (i.e. we may have huvou%gil%type_gdf = - huvin%gil%type_gdf). Transposition is done on-the-fly if needed. The two headers must otherwise be conforming.

nc(2) indicate the channel range to be retrieved. This is performed by calling function gdf_range(nc, huvin%gil%nchan) (or on a local copy, as nc is intent(in) only).

If the destination requires information not present in the source, or vice versa, an error is raised and a status code returned in huvou%status TO BE CODED.... It is up to the caller to react accordingly.

The routine currently assumes only one polarization. Polarization handling still needs further debate.

Gildas manager 2014-07-01