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SIC variables

Some SIC variables mapping the file header (of any kind) have changed:

  Head%DIM[:]     is now a long integer array of dimension 7,
  Head%WHERE[1]   and
  Head%WHERE[2]   "flat" positions have been removed, replaced respectively by
  Head%MINLOC[:]  and
  Head%MAXLOC[:]  array coordinates in the datacube.
  Head%GENE       is now the length of the new Dimension section *only*.

The new UV data format being more powerful, this is also reflected in SIC. The command DEFINE UV checks more strictly the type of data. It defines the following additional SIC variables

    Head%BASEMIN    Minimum baseline
    Head%BASEMAX    Maximum baseline
    Head%NVISI      Number of visibilities
    Head%NCHAN      Number of channels
    Head%NSTOKES    Number of Stokes parameter
    Head%NATOM      Complex visibility size
In addition, for transposed UV tables, Head%U and Head%V arrays are defined to point towards the U and V columns.

Gildas manager 2014-07-01