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IRAM Memo 2012-?
Preparing GILDAS for large datasets
II - GILDAS Data Format Version 2

S. Guilloteau$^{1}$, S. Bardeau$^{2}$, J. Pety$^{2,3}$

version 1.1

1. LAB (Bordeaux) 3. IRAM (Grenoble)


With the advent of large data sets, the original GILDAS Data Format (for hypercubes and tables) became outdated due to its initial pure 32-bit implementation. The advent of new capabilities in interferometers, such as such as on-the-fly mosaics or polarization, also require modification in the way information are stored in UV tables.

A new version of the GILDAS Data Format, called GDFV2, was designed and implemented to answer these challenges. This document details what was done and how it affects both programmers and users (in particular the backward compatibility aspects).

The new data format is detailed. The public FORTRAN application program interface (API) which can be used in programs to to access the data format is described.

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