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Time mode

In Time mode, CLIC plots by default the ``Continuum'' subbands C01 to C08 (each ``Continuum'' subband being a frequency-averaged data over part of the spectral band). This can be plotted as a function of time, record by record (SET AVER NONE), or with any integration time shorter than the scan duration (SET AVER Atime), or by scan average (SET AVER SCAN). In the latter case, CLIC does not recompute the time-averaged continuum data, but reads it directly from the ``average record'' in the input file: this mode is thus specially fast.

Time mode is selected whenever the X coordinate is a time-like variable: SET X TIME, SET X HOUR, SET X DEC, SET X RA, SET X SCAN, etc... result in time mode display for CLIC.

It is possible to plot spectral data (subbands L01 to L08) as a function of time, but only by scan average of course, since no other information is available. To do so, the SET SUBBAND command must be typed after the SET X command.

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