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        MRTCAL\MLIST  [IN|CURRENT]  /TOC  [Attr1 Attr2 ... AttrN] [/VARIABLE

    MLIST /TOC displays the Table Of Contents of the current  index,  or  of
    the  input  (MLIST  IN) index file. A summary of the different values of
    each attribute is made, plus a final summary  of  all  the  combinations
    (setups).  The  results are accessible in the structure MTOC%. This name
    can be customized thanks to the option /VARIABLE. The attributes can be:
        - NUMBER: observation number
        - VERSION: observation version
        - TELESCOPE
        - ID
        - SOURCE
        - OBSERVED
        - SCAN
        - FRONTEND
        - BACKEND
        - OBSTYPE
        - SWITCHMODE
        - CALIBRATED: calibration status
        - DIRECTORY
    By default, OBSERVED and SCAN are used.

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