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CLEAN            CLEAN deconvolution of an input data cube
MX               MX imaging and deconvolution algorithm starting from a UV table
PRIMARY          Correct for the interferometer primary beam attenuation an inpu
MAKE_PRIMARY     Linear mosaicing tool from individual cleaned fields
MAKE_MOSAIC      Build a dirty mosaic from individual fields (suited only to MAP
UV_AVERAGE       Channel averaging of UV data
UV_CAL           Apply an input table of gain (from UV_GAIN) to a table of uncal
UV_CENTER        Find the centroid of (centro-symmetric) emission from a UV tabl
UV_CHECK         Check required number of beams for UV data
UV_CHECKBEAM      Check how many beams may be required
UV_CIRCLE        Compute the azimuthal average of an input UV table
UV_CLIP          Clip UV data to suppress outliners
UV_COMPRESS      Channel averaging of UV data
UV_CTIME         Time Average a UV data set
UV_CUTS          Output radial visibility profiles from an input UV table
UV_DFT           Image a UV table through Direct Fourier Transform (no FFT)
UV_EXTRACT       Extract channels from a UV table
UV_FIT           Fit simple functions through a UV table (using SLATEC)
UV_FITC          Fit spherically symmetric, centered models through a UV table
UV_FIT           Fit simple functions through a UV table (using SLATEC)
UV_FLAG          Flag or unflag data in a UV table
UV_GAIN          Compute (from self-calibration of observation on a given model)
UV_HANNING       Channel Hanning smoothing of a UV table
UV_INVERT        Make image from visibilities in a transposed UV table, using gr
UV_LINE2CONT     Convert a Line table into Continuum table
UV_LIST          List part of a UV table
UV_MAP           Make Image from visibilities in a UV table, using gridding+FFT
UV_MERGE         Merge two UV table with the same spectral characteristics
UV_MFLAG         Flag visibilities too far from a source model
UV_MULT          Multiplication by a constant of the U and V columns of an input
UV_NOISE         Recompute visibility weights based on the visibility RMS outsid
UV_PROPER_MOTION  Apply proper motion to a UV tqble
UV_REF_GAUSS     Phase and/or amplitude reference a UV table on a nearby Gaussia
UV_REF_MODEL     Phase and/or amplitude reference a UV table on a nearby modeled
UV_REF_POINT     Phase and/or amplitude reference a UV table on a nearby point s
UV_RESAMPLE        Resample a UV data set
UV_ROBUST        Reweight a UV table
UV_SHIFT         Shift the phase center of UV table
UV_SHORT         Compute short spacing visibilities from a single-dish spectra t
UV_SORT          Sort (and precess?) a raw UV table
UV_SPLITPOLAR    Split a multi-POLAR UV table into a series of single POLARs
UV_STAT          Analyse a UV table for weighting parameters and map cell size
UV_SUBTRACT      Subtract continuum averaged visibilities from a line UV table
UV_TEMPLATE      Template task to handel UV data
UV_TRIM          Trim a UV table for flagged data
UV_ZERO          Add zero spacing to a UV table from a single dish spectrum
UV_CONTINUUM       Task to filter line data in a UV table
UV_CASA           Prepare a UV Data Set imported from CASA by FITS for GILDAS

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