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        LINEDB\SELECT [/ORIGIN Originname] [/SPECIES Name1 Name2 ...] [/FREQ
    Fmin Fmax] [/ENERGY Emax] [/AIJ Amax] [/SORTBY Order] [/EPSILON Eps]

    Select lines available from the input database. An index containing  the
    line information is formed and a SIC structure mapping these information
    is defined. The index can be sorted by increasing frequency  or  energy.
    One or more species name can be provided, wildcards '*' can be used.

    The  initial origin of the line (e.g. JPL, CDMS or private catalog), the
    name of the species, a frequency range, the maximum energy of the  upper
    level  and  the maximum Einstein coefficient Amax can be used as filters
    in the line selection process.

    As an output, the LINES SIC structure will contain the  content  of  the
    current index, i.e.,
       LINES%          Global structure
       LINES%N         Integer scalar      [---] Number of lines in current inde
       LINES%SPECIES   Character[LINES%N]  [---] Species names
       LINES%FREQUENCY Double[LINES%N]     [MHz] Frequencies
       LINES%UNCERTAINTY Real[LINES%N]     [MHz] Uncertainty of the line frequen
       LINES%AIJ       Double[LINES%N]     [s-1] Einstein coefficient
       LINES%EUP       Real[LINES%N]       [  K] Upper level energy
       LINES%GUP       Real[LINES%N]       [---] Upper level degeneracy
       LINES%QNUP      Character[LINES%N]  [---] Upper level quantum numbers
       LINES%ELOW      Real[LINES%N]       [  K] Lower level energy
       LINES%GLOW      Real[LINES%N]       [---] Lower level degeneracy
       LINES%QNLOW     Character[LINES%N]  [---] Lower level quantum numbers

    The  lines  will be sorted according to Order, which can be any combina-
    tion of "frequency", "energy" and "aij", and all the subsequent permuta-
    tions.   Default is frequency. If sortby is ["energy", "aij"] and if ep-
    silon is specified, aij will be used as a criterion when the  difference
    in energy is less than epsilon.

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