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        LINEDB\USE  IN|OUT|BOTH  dbname1  [[dbname2]   [dbname3...]] [/OVER-

    Define the atomic and molecular line database(s) used  as  input  and/or

    Input databases can be either an existing filenames or a database avail-
    able through internet. Recognized internet databases are
       JPL       the JPL molecular spectroscopy database
       CDMS,     the Cologne Database for Molecular Spectrocopy
       VOPARIS   the Paris VO observatory interface to the CDMS database
    These names can thus not be used as database filenames.

    The input file is tested to determine  whether  it  is  a  valid  SQLITE
    database.  If  not,  it is assumed to be an ASCII file following the JPL
    data format, see e.g., and for examples.

    Multiple input databases can be used together. However, only one  output
    database  can  be defined at a given time. The OUT and BOTH keywords ap-
    plies only to SQLITE databases. The /OVERWRITE option implies  that  the
    output database is first removed. The absence of the option implies that
    any subsequent call to the INSERT command will append lines to  the  al-
    ready existing output database.

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