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        [GTVDEF\]LIST [name1 [name2]] [/OUTPUT File]

    Lists terminal parameters.

    The option /OUTPUT allows to redirect the output  to  a  specified  file
    (default  is STDOUT). An output file can be used later as a command pro-
    cedure for GTVDEF. For clarity, default parameters values are not  list-

    Three modes of operation are selected by the arguments of the command.

    1. With no argument, lists the local parameters.

    2. If  a  primary  terminal  name  (and optionally a secondary name) are
    specified, lists the associated definitions in the current Binary Termi-
    nal  Definition File (see USE). These names can be abbreviated as far as
    they remain non ambiguous.

    3. If the argument is a star (*), lists ALL definitions in  the  current
    BTDF (Binary Terminal Definition File) file. This feature is designed to
    facilitate the migration of existing terminal definitions to a new  ver-
    sion of the GTVIRT environment.

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