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                        PARAMS\ Command Language Summary

    ALPHA       : Sequence to toggle into VT100-like alpha plane
    CURS1       : Sequence to request the graphic cursor
    CURS2       : Sequence to reset the terminal when the cursor has exited
    COLOUR      : Sequence(s) to select colours
    DASH        : Sequence(s) to select hardware dashed lines
    DEFOUT      : Default logical name pointing to the terminal device
    ERASE       : Sequence to clear the graphic screen
    FORMAT      : Select a format to specify and list escape sequences
    GRAPHIC     : Sequence to toggle to graphic plane
    INIT1       : Initialisation sequence (GTOPEN)
    INIT2       : Reset sequence (GTCLOS)
    PHEIGHT     : Height of hardware characters (pixels)
    PIXEL_RANGE : Limits of the screen in pixels
    PROTECT     : Screen protection
    PROTOCOL    : Graphic protocol supported by the terminal
    PWIDTH      : Width of hardware characters (pixels)
    RXY         : Aspect ratio of the screen
    TEXT1       : Sequence to initiate a hardware character generator
    TEXT2       : Sequence to terminate hardware characters
    WAIT_ERASE  : Specify a wait time after ERASE
    WEIGHT      : Sequence(s) to select hardware weightened lines


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