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        [GTVDEF\]USE [File [/CREATE]]

    USE selects a Binary Terminal Definition File (BTDF) to be used in  con-
    nection  with  commands DIRECTORY, READ, WRITE, LIST, RENAME and DELETE.
    The option /CREATE creates an empty BTDF file. Remember that the  GTVDEF
    library accesses the BTDF file pointed to by the logical name GAG_TERMI-

    USE with no argument lists the name of the current BTDF file.

    The GTVDEF utility allows to manipulate a local terminal definition  ta-
    ble  which  is  volatile  (in  core memory). The local table can be ini-
    tialised with the command DEFAULT or can be read from an  external  file
    using  the commands USE and READ. The target terminal name is defined by
    the commands NAME1 and NAME2.

    The language PARAMS\ is designed to set up or to modify the current ter-
    minal parameters in the local table.

    Do  not forget to issue the command WRITE in order to save the local ta-
    ble into some external BTDF file of your choice.

    Other commands of language GTVDEF\ allow to maintain BTDF files. Command
    LIST  is  very  useful to dump the contents of a BTDF file in a readable
    format suitable for later input by the GTVDEF utility.

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