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        [GREG1\]LABEL "Character String" [Orientation]  [/APPEND]  [/CENTER-
    ING N] [/X [Offset]] [/Y [Offset]]

    Writes  the  string Character String (included between double quotes) at
    current pen position or location specified by option, and  with  current
    or  requested  centering.  The label is written according to the current
    or specified Orientation and EXPAND factors. Within a string, the  char-
    acter "\" is an escape character and causes the following action :

                    \\X - set mode X
                     \X - set mode X for next char
                     \N - Default character set
                     \1 - Simplex character set
                     \2 - Duplex character set
                     \R - Roman font
                     \G - Greek font
                     \S - Script font
                     \I - toggle italics
                     \U - superscript
                     \D - subscript
                     \B - backspace over previous char


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